Our Business services are built on promise-based contract management to deliver projects on time with excellent quality work within the Project budget.

Our Business services are built on an understanding and ownership of each unique project. Whatever your mission, we will work closely with you on the agreed contract to apply the right ability and technical support to exceed your expectations and bring your project to life.
Our genuine commitment for performing and completing your project includes reliable resources, the latest technology, Innovation, professional team, and passion for excellent work!


We are thrilled to announce proudly that during over decades of our productive services, we have successfully completed over 96 portfolio construction contracts with reliable & superior quality work in Afghanistan, & We have won over 61 awards, 4 medals and more than 81 positive reviews from our clients and Partners, some our Completed infrastructure projects listed in details as follow!


Client: Ministry of Public Work, MoPW/ UNOP —– Project Name: Rehabilitation of Road From Nahrin to Khost, Kotal Balfi Phase 1 Lot and lot # 3 and 4, Total length 21.5KM Contract ID: RRD/MOF/NRAP/CHL/BMN/054/C2/001

Location: Nahrin a Khost District, Baghlan Province Afghanistan —– Project Funded by: World Bank/ Finance Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Project budget: 321,575,300.00 Afghani / Completion Date: 2017.


Client: US Military Program: Ghazni US Army PRT, FOB & RCC Shank Regional Contracting center PRT Shank, —- Project Name:  Road Construction, Road Maintenance, and repair & Emergency Road Operation and Maintenance, Contract No, 20120715073213 & 201110005175700 & 20120715073311

Service performed: Road Construction —- Project budget: $ 23,780,130.00 USD US Army, Military Contracts
Project Funded by: US Army, PRT Ghazni


Client:  Ghazni US Army PRT, —- Project Funded by: US Army, PRT Ghazni —- Service performed: School and Clinic Construction

Project Name: 1-Moqur District Building construction2- Super Madrassa Building renovation 3- Sang Masha boy High School —- Renovation Contract No, 2010073003228 & 2011010404430 —- Project budget: $ 427,900.00 USD3


Client: USAID/ARD  —- Service performed: Water Bore Well
Project Name:  Jalal Abad Water Bore Wells Project located Deh Bala District Nangrahar Contract ID: USAID#EPP-I-00-04-00019-00 ARDSWSS-090

Project Funded by: USAID Afghanistan  Project budget: 162,665.00 USD


Client: USAID/The Louice Berger Group (LBGTO14)  —- Service: Road Repair —- Project Name: Emergency Road Operation and Maintenance Package #4 & Bridge Repair

Location: Kabul-Kandahar Highway Road Contract No USAID #  306-1-00-06-00517-00 & IRP-05-11-GH1314-LB-AF-029 — Project Funded by: USAID Afghanistan — Project budget: 1,607,380.00 USD


Client: Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation Development (MRRD) —- Service performed: Asphalt  Road Construction — Project Name:  Construction of 8.8 Km asphalt road including drainage system, phase 6 of Charikar City Road (22.1 km City Road) Charikar City Parwan Province! MRRD/MOF/NRAP/KBL/PRN/152/C2/002

Project Funded by: Finance Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan —- Project budget:141,155,146.50 Afg —- Completion Date:  January 2020


Client: Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation Development (MRRD) —- Service performed: Gravel Road Construction

Project Name:  Rehabilitation of 23.3 Km Road including to2 RCC bridge From Shirdagh to Khairo village, Malistan district Ghazni Province Contract ID: RRD/MOF/NRAP/STHE/GZI/003/C2/001
Project Funded by: Finance Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan — Project budget: 84,948,437.00


Client:  USAID/LBGTO14 —- Service performed:  Construction of 4 Bridges /Project budget: $ 1,673,660.00

Project Name: Construction of Bridges No 12,23,44 & 45 Contract No, USAID # 306-1-00-06-00517-00/ IRP-06-11- H1314-LB-AF-033, IRP-06-11- H1314-LB-AF-034 & IRP-06-010-GH1314-012
Project Funded by: USAID / Completion Date: 2013 & 2012


To Prove our Completed Projects claims, we are Presenting you with the Projects Photo Album


Currently, COSMO is undertaking numerous construction Projects with having a strong passion to perform work right with the right people at the right time, every time. Some of our ongoing projects are as follow:

Flat Stone Road

Client: Capital Region Independent Development Authority CRIDA
Project:  Construction of Charikar  City Road 4.38 Km Flat Stone Road, Lot 1 Part 6 of Charikar city.
Service: Construction of 4.38km Stone Road
Location: Charikar City Parwan Province
Project budget: 107,616,783.11 Afghani



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